My Stuff:

  1. My Software

    Train Sim - Train Simulator for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, which has over 5 million downloads on the Android Play Store

    Rocket Sim - Kids Rocket Space Simulator allows you to launch a rocket into space and view various objects currently in Earth orbit.

    Kids Car Racers - Car Racing game for kids, allows them to control the car by tilting your device, as well as bump the other cars & obstacles on the track.

    Pirate Sim - Pirate Sim features open ended game play and allows you to live the life of a Pirate. Find treasure, sink enemy ships and capture enemy towns all on a realistic map of the Caribbean. A homage to my favourite Commodore 64 game, Sid Meier's Pirates! Available for Android and Windows 8

    Chess - Fully functional Chess Game for Windows, I started in 2008 as a fun project to learn how computers play chess.

    Code Compare - Text & Folder Comparison and Synchronization Tool. This makes it very easy to compare source code as well as directory contents, I use it quite a bit to synchronize source to a USB disk backup.

    Text2Speech - Speech Synthesis application that reads text to you, or saves it as an mp3.

    ABI - CODER - Personal file encryption software I initially wrote for my high school computer science course.

  2. My Websites: - Free Online Chess website I created, where you can enjoy a game of live chess against human and computer opponents. - Computer Chess Information and Resources. - Free Player Run Ultima Online (MMORPG) Server.

  3. Other:

    Things I wrote - Papers on Cryptography, Web Articles & Presentations on programming topics.

    Photography - Nature & Landscape Photos I took.